Little Miss Last Minute | Longview Family Photographer

An incredible day for my incredible friend.

From the moment she told me she was pregnant I hoped to be able to capture this moment, to return the favor. We made it out there, everything very last minute, but we made it. Flying with my whole family for our first ever real family vacation and to witness and document one of my best friends having her baby. I thought she would have the baby before we got there. I thought she might have it as soon as we arrived. It never occurred to me that I might have flown halfway across the country with a husband and 3 kiddos and leave with her still waiting for her third. Well, in typical girl fashion, she made us wait until the last moment possible. I believe she is a procrastinator, much like her mother, or even possibly myself. I’m so thankful she felt the pressure to get a move on!

A surreal moment indeed. It’s amazing how things go along fairly slowly and then out of nowhere things are moving so quickly. Just as you get comfortable with the miraculous chaos, it’s over, just like that, and you’re left with the most perfect gift you could ever imagine.

I love ya, Rach!


7 thoughts on “Little Miss Last Minute | Longview Family Photographer

  1. Beautiful!! Melissa, you made me want to have a baby for the first time in a very long time!! Don’t worry it is not possible…..even the kids around me say they want me to have another….Maybe I will have to settle for witnessing this miracle as a nurse again one day!!

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  4. Hi there, my baby is due in August and I was wondering if I could get some information regarding your birthing sessions?

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